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Okay, it’s only fair to add the list of “banned” words, since I posted the “in” words a day or so ago. Lake Superior State University in Michigan (up by Sault Ste. Marie), released its “List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness”. Here they are:
1. Amazing
2. Baby Bump.
3. Shared Sacrifice
4. Occupy
5. Blowback
6. Man Cave
7. The New Normal
8. Pet Parent
9. Win the Future
10. Trickeration
11. Ginormous
12. Thank you in Advance.

The astute and faithful reader will note that “Occupy” is on both this list, and the list I posted in my prior post. Of all the words/phrases on today’s list, I’d pick “Baby Bump” as my favorite (meaning I hate it the most). It demeans motherhood and pregnancy in my estimation.


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Top Ten Words, 3Q Very Much

Apparently, an outfit called “Global Language Monitor” uses a “Narrative Tracker” to select the 10 most tossed-around words of the times. Here are the winners for 2011:

1. Occupy.
2. Deficit.
3. Fracking.
4. Drone.
5. Non-veg.
6. Kummerspeck.
7. Haboob
8. 3Q. (My favorite)
9. Trustafarians.
10. (The Other)99.

If any reader wonders about these words, here’s a link to the article: http://www.livescience.com/17644-top-words-2011.html

Why is 3Q my particular favorite? Well, it is a cute play on words. It is a shorthand for “thank you” apparently. The 3 is pronounced “san,” and comes from the Mandarin and Japanese word for “three.” The Q is obvious: “SanQ very much.” I think I’ll start putting it in my text messages.

I am fascinated in general by words and language, and will doubtless gin up one or more screeds about the subject over time.

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